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 Alkaline Juice Fast*

Cleanse & Detoxify
If you are looking for a total alkaline juice cleanse, this is it!
Stay and juice
No hard work
 No temptation 

Lose weight*

Boost your energy levels

Beat sugar addiction and other cravings

Relieve stress and anxiety and improve mood

Reduce aches, pains, headaches and tiredness

Balance your gut microbiome

"This retreat, this place and mostly you were exactly what I needed. In just six days you’ve helped me to free myself of an addiction that has ensnared me for half my life, lose nearly 8 pounds, alkalise my body and kick coffee to boot.


My skin is glowing, my eyes have never looked so clear and I’m going home feeling energised and excited about what lies ahead."




J. Wilson, London

*results may vary from person to person         

"Our stay here was wonderful and life-changing and has made us both feel brand new inside and out.


Along with our 9 pounds weight loss another plus is that my husband has finally learnt that he can RELAX!"

J. Goddard, Essex

*results may vary from person to person         

We all need to detoxify from time to time. Living in the 21st century takes its toll on the body as there are over 75,000 man-made chemicals in our environment that did not exist 100 hundred years ago. The air we breathe, what goes on our skin and of course, what we ingest may have an effect, positive or negative, on our health.

Excessive toxins and over acidity may have adverse effects on the body. Symptoms can be many and varied but may include such health issues as; lack of energy, mood swings, skin problems, headaches and migraines, digestive issues and a poor immune system.

Juice fasting gives the body an opportunity to rest and heal whilst still delivering liquid nourishment. Many people report that after a juice fast many of their symptoms of ill health improve, from aches and pains, clearer skin and eyes to an increase in energy and vitality.

“I came to the retreat after having acne around my neck and chin which began about a month ago. I was in lots of stress and thought it would be a nice treat for myself.


Only a 3 night stay and my acne is 90% disappeared. I feel light and refreshed. Simon and Beverley are so nice, so lovely.”

J. Park, London

*results may vary from person to person         

"From the moment I arrived I felt like family. Beverley lovingly nurtured me 4 – 5 times a day with her fabulous juices and loving motivation.


As I write this I can’t believe the change in just 4 days. I would like to stay for a month and learn all about raw food. An amazing experience for me."

K. Sivyer, Wales

What's included?

​Individual and totally private En Suite accommodation​

4 x 500ml. Bespoke Vegetable / Fruit juices tailored to your specific requests. Cold and freshly pressed using a masticating                        juicer and not diluted with water.​ Optional replacement of one juice with 500ml freshly made almond milk

Evening potassium broths

Colon Cleansing Supplements and Colon Cleansing Support Herbs

​Bentonite clay and Psyllium Husks Powder to gently cleanse and detoxify

Support from The Raw Retreat nutritionist 


“I have been to other health retreats and this feels more tranquil and more personal.


It really shows your attention to every single detail.”

K. Marino, London


“Thank you once again for taking such good care of me.


My week away was just what I needed to kick start me into making some positive changes.”

M. Scully, Cornwall


These statistics have been recorded from the results of guests on The Weight-Loss Programme staying for 7 nights; however, please be aware that results may vary on an individual basis.

Generally - 

Men lose more weight than women.

Guests who are willing and able to take exercise lose weight more effectively.

Guests who are overweight (BMI over 25) lose more than those guests who have a healthy weight (BMI 18.5 – 25.)

Guests who have dieted many times before find losing weight more difficult.

Certain medical conditions such as diabetes or PCOS make losing weight more difficult.

Guests on certain medications find losing weight more difficult.

*Fasting is not suitable for everyone. Please check our contraindications to fasting page.​

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