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Simply Stay Retreats

We offer three Simply Stay Retreats available in any accommodation from 3 to 21 nights.

Weight Loss

Alkaline Juice Fast

Keto Food Fast

Many of our guests want to have the flexibility to customise their retreats exactly to their own needs and do not want to be constricted by a set timetable of activities. On these retreats we provide the bespoke food or juices and supplements and guests are free to do as they please.


Some guests need to stay in touch for work or pleasure, answering emails and attending Zoom calls. It is perfectly possible to retreat and detox or lose weight whilst at work at The Raw Retreat.


For other guests walking in the stunning local countryside or doing a bit of sightseeing is the order of the day. We are a 20 minute drive from the coast and Cornwall has a great deal to offer from picturesque fishing villages to gardens and National Trust properties.


Guests who enjoy a massage or two and who want to swim and use a gym are able to do so at

St. Mellion International Resort. This is a 5-7 minute drive away and for the energetic it is also possible to incorporate a walk to St. Mellion as apart of daily exercise. Use of their extensive facilities including pools, sauna, steam and gym are available on any spa treatment day for a small added fee (currently £15.00).

Finally some guests just want to relax, catch up on sleep and/or Netflix and just get away for a  bit of 'me' time.

It may be possible to include private meditation teaching, a nutritional consultation or a transfer to the spa on Simply Stay Retreats. Please enquire at the time of booking.

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