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Garden at The Raw Retreat

Typical Day

Please see retreat menu above to see exactly what is included in each  programme.

We offer six different programmes at The Raw Retreat. As long as there is availability in your chosen accommodation, they run on dates to suit you.

Three of our programmes include activities; one to one yoga, massage treatments and spa sessions, meditation teaching, private hypnotherapy, nutritional consultations, workshops, coastal excursions and more. Guests are placed centre stage and the timing of activities depends on guests’ requests and also the weather.

Many of our guests arrive stressed and tired so we shy away from regimented timetables. Instead, we try to work with guests, organising timings to suit them. Days are full but there is always time relax reading a book on the sun deck or unwind whilst soaking up the nature in the retreat garden and beyond.

Activities are not part of Simply Stay Retreats. On these retreats guests create their own retreat - amuse themselves by taking a walk in the stunning local countryside, at last having time to continue a hobby such as reading, drawing or photography, sunbathing (Cornish weather permitting), watching TV or a DVD from our library which includes health films and documentaries or simply just being. Many take the opportunity for an afternoon nap and realise how much better they feel having not burnt the candle at both ends.

Indoor and outdoor yoga mats can be provided for self practice and whilst being away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life there is the possibility of starting a lifelong healthy habit of yoga and meditation.

We meet with guests individually at least three times a day to deliver freshly-prepared juice or food, offer advice, guidance and to ensure their retreat is going well, suggest walking routes or just for a chat.

If you at all unsure what is included in your chosen programme or whether a stay here is right for you, do contact us either by using our contact form, email or telephone us on: +44 (0)1752 851 897.

Please see retreats for details of what's included.

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