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Life-Changing Retreats

We offer three Life-Changing Retreats available in The Studio from 3 to 21 nights.

Health Intensive

Serious Weight Loss

Healing Detox

You only have one health…. We help you look after it.


At the heart of our life-changing retreats is detoxification, excellent nutrition, exercise and stress reduction but above all else we offer kindness and support on your journey to wellness and a renewed sense of the person you once were.

Guests stay on these retreats to heal, detox or to seriously lose weight.

What they achieve is often profound and life-changing


We guide our guests to healthier, happier lives and put them on the path to true healing of both the body and mind. They take away with them the knowledge and motivation to continue their healing journey and many return again and again to us and to our unique retreat.

We love to hear from our guests after they have left who report that what they learned here has stayed with them long after they have returned home and that the benefits in health and weight loss have been long lasting.

Whether guests stay to learn how to heal themselves, recover through fasting and detoxing or to seriously lose weight…..forever, we are here to support them and care for them both while they are with us and also after they have returned home.

The most priceless thing in life which we should never take for granted is our health. For over a decade we have been dedicated to the health and wellbeing of our guests at our small and personalised oasis in the heart of Cornwall.

Experience a healthier way of eating, moving, sleeping, thinking, feeling and being.

See individual retreats for what’s included.

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