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For Mind and Spirit

"When you begin to meditate on a regular basis, you will start to notice that thoughts and feelings that may have been building up inside of you are gently released and you reach the quiet place that was always there, waiting for you - the place of pure awareness. It is there that you will experience peace, healing, and true rejuvenation."

                                                                                                    Deepak Chopra


Whilst staying at the retreat, guests have an opportunity to enjoy a variety of styles of meditation. Some guests simply want to relax and enjoy guided meditations whilst for others, who want to learn how to meditate, we introduce various techniques, so that they can choose for themselves what works best and feel inspired to include meditation as part of their daily routine.


The meditation taught at the retreat is readily accessible for people who live busy lives and is an opportunity to learn a technique that will benefit guests long after they have left the retreat, hopefully for the rest of their lives.


Benefits to regular meditation:


Reduction of illness

Lessened stress, anxiety or depression

Increased ability to concentrate, improves memory and fosters creativity

Improves sleep quality

Improved relationships

Help with addiction issues and emotional eating

Pain management

Improves immune function

Reduction in hypertension and reduced risk of heart disease and stroke


Improved digestion

Creates an overall feeling of increased happiness and well-being


At the source of so many of these issues is stress. The perfect antidote for stress is meditation. The beauty of meditation is that, with time, the wonderful euphoric relaxed feelings that people experience during a meditation session start to permeate into their daily life.

Whatever the initial reasons for meditating - they can converge in time as meditators get to know themselves better. You can become aware of aspects of yourself of which you were previously unaware. You can reach a happier, simpler state. 


Simon Bird (MABH), Meditation Teacher, Hypnotherapist, NLP Practitioner

Please note - Meditation teaching is included on all Life-Changing retreats and is available on The Simply Stay Retreats

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