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Raw Food and Juices

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Tomato five ways
Blackberry trifle with rose petals.
Pine nut salad
Raw plant based cheese platter
Raw tree nut cheese
Fig and blackberry salad
Mushroom and asparagus salad
Plant based tree nut cheeses
Smoked vegetables
Beetroot crackers and horseradish
Extravagant desert
Cancer fighting salad
Yoghurt and granola
Ketogenic salad
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Why eat raw food when we can cook it?
The answer is twofold. Firstly, for the most part it is better for our health. Raw food was around long before cooking. Some foods that have to be cooked are not good for us whereas a plant based diet with some fruit, nuts and seeds is ideal. More and more research is showing that certain methods of cooking such as frying, roasting and barbequing are carcinogenic but even steaming and boiling diminish nutrients in food that is already lacking due to intensive farming.


Secondly raw foods place less of a strain on the body, which is why many people who have health issues turn to raw foods. Enzymes, which we need for every bodily function, are rendered inactive above temperatures above 110° Fahrenheit / 42 degrees° Celsius so we take care at The Raw Retreat not to raise the temperature of our food above this. At this temperature the food is warm rather than cold so in our chillier climate in the winter, it can still be comforting.

Our meals contain no sugar, dairy or gluten. That said, we make everything on site from breads and crackers, kale crisps and cheese. Anything is possible raw so depending on the programme there might be pastry, sushi, roulades, ice cream, chocolate mousse and so much more.

Raw food workshops take place in our raw and living kitchen where we show guests a variety of techniques for making raw food sustainable. Everything from nut milks to tree nut cheeses, from crackers and breads to wraps and chocolate brownies. The workshops are included in The Health and Weight Loss Retreats

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