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Just a few more of the kind words that our lovely, lovely guests have had to say about their stay at The Raw Retreat.

Full testimonial

Accommodation delightful. Bright, warm, restful décor. One of the comfiest beds I have ever slept in – understated chic.

The experience – life-changing! I am leaving with so many tools to be a much better version of me. I loved the intimacy of The Raw Retreat, totally 1 to 1 and I felt valued as a guest. There is endless information on offer if you want it but you are very much the decision maker, nothing is thrust upon you.

I arrived stressed and distressed and am leaving relaxed, detoxed and full of energy.

Meals and juices were delicious. The presentation of the food is beautiful, each plate a little work of art and the juices and smoothies taste almost too good to be healthy.

This was my first intro into yoga and as a runner I was not sure if I would enjoy it. On the contrary, it was hugely beneficial, I learnt so much and shall continue with it after I leave.

The workshops were informative and I lapped up everything I learnt. I have already pre-ordered my juicer, food etc. for my return home to a new healthier me. Beverley has so much knowledge on her subject and she shares it willingly, I just kept learning.

I loved the hypnotherapy. Simon is such a charismatic person I felt totally at ease having such beneficial hypnotherapy with him. This part has been utterly life-changing, getting me over an ‘addiction’.

The therapeutic massage was heavenly, the healing was the most powerful treatment I have ever had in my life and I had two outstanding reflexology sessions. Indian head massage in the sunshine outdoors. Glorious and so relaxing.

This was my first holiday in 12 years! I am so thrilled that I found The Raw Retreat – it will certainly be a safe haven for the future. It was 5* treatment all the way.

S. Thompson


I’ve been to other health retreats but The Raw Retreat is my preferred choice.

W. Durrand,


I thought I would share with you my progress three weeks on because it is so positive. The net result of my having implemented a fair number of your recommendations is that this morning my PH reads a healthy 7.25. I have shed a further 4 pounds, have more energy, and (unexpectedly) the texture of my skin has changed to silky soft. All of this on a diet and regime that I have every confidence is sustainable long term. I feel my week with you was the best investment in a long time.

R. Fitzgerald

Isle of Wight

Full testimonial

I could probably write a book about this week so I’ll try to keep it short. Beverley you’ve been ‘the missing link’ for me. I’ve known what I should be doing for so long but just haven’t quite been able to make it happen on my own but your amazing wealth of knowledge and advice have given me the inspiration, know-how and kick up the **** I really needed! It’s been such a pleasure to spend time with you. You’ve found the perfect balance of showing your wisdom without forcing it on people. I just wanted to learn more and more and every question I asked (and I know there were a lot) you had a solid, ‘backed-up’ answer to. Your choice of recipes was so inspiring and not at all daunting. As you know I was blown away by the nori rolls, sweet avocado salad and the mock peanut sauce is simply magic – just like you.

It’s been an indulgent combination of a week. I loved the long walks – such a treat. I have also been blown away by the quality of the yoga and massage. Two truly gifted, wonderful ladies and I feel incredibly lucky to have been able to spend time with both of them. It was the icing on the cake. I will, without doubt use the restorative yoga positions and breathing exercises at home.

I feel very much at peace with myself, knowing I’m going to move forward with my health. I know that only I can make it happen and you’ve given me the tools I need so thank you. I feel in control finally and that’s a huge gift.

It really has been a life-changing experience so thank you from the bottom of my heart or should I say from the heart of my ‘very cleansed’ bottom. I’ll never forget my time at The Raw Retreat. Oh, I forgot to say how lovely The Barn is – everything you need in a lovely, homely yet luxurious environment.

A huge thank you to the magic ‘cow whisperer’, Nordic-hiking teacher, unbelievably knowledgeable nurse Bev.​​

A. Mayall


Full testimonial

Home safe but missing The Raw Retreat.

Just a small token of my gratitude – The hearts are made of fluorite (the healing stone). Appropriate for two wonderful people who help and nurture so many – Two remarkable people. Thank you so much for the nurturing you gave me.

I have achieved more than I expected. I came here to detox and kick start my metabolism. I weighed 75 kg and on the morning of my last day I weighed 68.4 kg. WOW! That’s 7 kg over 4 days!

From the moment I arrived I felt like family. Beverley lovingly nurtured me 4 – 5 times a day with her fabulous juices and loving motivation. AS I write this I can’t believe the change in just 4 days. I would like to stay for a month and learn all about raw food. An amazing experience for me. 

                                                                                                                              *results may vary from person to person.

K. Sivyer


Full testimonial

During the retreat I lost 8 pounds* and have lost a further 4 pounds since returning. I am doing so much better than I was before the retreat and I continue to cling to the things I learned.

My sugar cravings are basically non-existent as well. I have also noticed that my blood sugar is normal and doesn't drop in the afternoon like it used to, causing me to crave sugar or carbs. I make much healthier food choices and when I don't, my body lets me know straight away. I get very little satisfaction out of eating anything that is not raw or at least whole.

The biggest take-away from the Raw Retreat was gaining a reference point for health - a standard to live by and a great measuring tool for the future. The experience I had has changed my life and health for the better. It's given me the courage to take control and the confidence that I can do it. I was afraid I would come back home and tuck into the first fried food I saw, but it's been just the opposite. My body feels so clean and nourished. I don't have the desire or the inclination to poison it anymore. It's been such an empowering experience.

Thanks so much for your support and help during my time at the retreat. It was a great experience and I'm encouraged by my progress and looking forward to the possibilities in the future.

                                                                                                                                 *results may vary from person to person.

I Eden


Full testimonial

I have been to many spas and retreats that claim to offer health recovery but there is nothing personalised about them. They are no comparison to The Raw Retreat. It one of a kind and has no competitors!  

The care is superior, the attention is extremely personalized and was tailored to all my needs, not only from Beverley and Simon but also the yoga teachers and massage therapists. The yoga instructor was amazing - one on one instruction - she really had a unique understanding of yoga. I have learned so much, as a result I am so much more tuned into my body and have continued following her yoga instructions at home.  As for the massage therapists, equally as great. I thought we had great message therapists in America, I was wrong! All are EXPERTS at The Raw Retreat

The quality, presentation and taste of the food was truly a rare experience, meals were wonderful, the best raw food I have ever tasted. I was so impressed I had to take pictures of the meals. Truly a 5***** star experience. And I lost 10 lbs in 8 days!

My experience at The Raw Retreat gave me the “jump start” and motivation I needed to get back into a healthy lifestyle. It was perfect. It was truly a mind, body and spirit experience.

My overall experience was second to none. Beverly and Simon were the perfect host and hostess to my stay. They truly have their heart in the programmes and really want their guests to succeed, almost more than I wanted it for myself. They were encouraging and supportive. No matter what I wanted or needed, it was done! It was almost like having your own private butler service!

This is an amazing experience. I look forward to returning in the future so that I continue to support my efforts to live a healthy disease free lifestyle.

I would say…. This place is a must.

It is an investment in the quality and longevity of the rest of my life,

It is truly a “one of a kind experience


                                                                                                                                 *results may vary from person to person.

M. Kohut

Florida, USA

Full testimonial

I just wanted to say a huge thank you again for giving me such a fantastic and well-needed 5 days at your utterly amazing retreat. The only problem is that it went far too quickly and I wish I was still there now.

It is a truly special place but made all the more special by the both of you – your immense knowledge, your genuine kindness and care (if not you put on a very good act!!), absolute dedication, attention to every detail and your inspired and delicious food.


I am feeling so much more relaxed and looking forward to getting back to France and starting my new healthy living and lifestyle properly.  You’ll be pleased to hear you have already had some impact on me – as tempted as I am to have the eggs, bacon and a milky latte at the airport I’m tucking into a litre of water, a banana and a yoghurt.  My green juice at 6.30am was delicious too, although I did get some funny looks downing a litre of green stuff before going through security.

I just wanted to reiterate how wonderful your product is and I shall be shouting it from the roof tops. 

Thanks so much.

I’ll be sure to keep in touch.

Love and thanks

H. Fisher


This is the place to come if you are at a turning point in your life for whatever reason. Where you can just be ‘the real you’ or find the person you had lost somewhere in life. I am not sure the exact moment I was guided to The Raw Retreat – but when I found it I knew it was exactly the right place at the right time for me. I am blessed to have been guided here.

Beverley and Simon are the most professional and caring people I could ever wish to meet and you made me feel like a ‘ Special Princess’ for the whole of my stay. Nothing was too much for you but you also respected my privacy. The accommodation you provide is 5*+.

Beverley, you made me push myself to show me what I was capable of. I was blessed with beautiful weather and you were able to show me the beautiful countryside, coast and moors.

The one to one yoga sessions showed me that I was capable of moving my body in a safe and wonderful way and it has given me the confidence to continue with lessons when I return home and to incorporate yoga into my daily life. The massages were amazing – the best I’ve ever had.

I learnt something new every day through the well-structured workshops. Beverley, you are a wonderful coach and were very patient with my questions.

Simon’s NLP and hypnotherapy I know have helped me to look to the future with a very positive outlook. I can feel already change has taken place in the way I am processing my thoughts and I am very excited and feel more confident in myself.

I didn’t come to The Raw Retreat to lose weight but to be shown a better way of living.

I shall always keep your kindness and support in my heart and I know I am extremely lucky to have met you.

I. Woodley

West Yorkshire, UK

Things have been really good with me. I'm eating better, am more positive and generally just feeling so much better. Our scan yesterday showed that the baby is developing extremely well.  It's looking like it's going to be...a  girl! We're ecstatic; absolutely over the moon.

All in all, I've been a very happy and healthy bunny since leaving you - thank you!

A. Lakha


 Our very healthy baby girl, Ardis, was born on December 3rd weighing 7 lb. 10 oz.

Thanks for your help getting me healthy so we could have this little lovely.


                                                                                                                  *results may vary from person to person

A. McDermid


My stay at the Raw Retreat was fantastic from start to finish and far exceeded my expectations. Beverley and Simon could not do enough for me and I felt nourished and cared for on every level.


Beverley is so passionate in what she does and it is very apparent how much it matters to her to assist you on your journey to recovery.


The food was amazing and each dish appeared like a work of art. I never felt hungry at any point during the stay and if anything, have never eaten so much.


The workshops were fascinating and although I am not new to this way of eating, I still revelled in experiencing the workings of a raw food kitchen.


The accommodation was stunning down to every last detail and seemed perfect.


I enjoyed the treatments and the therapists were very experienced and knowledgeable.


I left feeling enlightened and energised and I very much look forwards to a return visit in the future.

T. Gribben

Kent UK

Full Testimonial

Arrived thoroughly exhausted and stressed. Felt like my body had failed its MOT.

What a transformation in two weeks. Am leaving fully rested, my skin is glowing, my nails have grown for the first time. I have so much energy, weight has just fallen off.

Quite simply want to take Beverley home with me. Accommodation was 5 star and the raw food the same. The presentation was nothing less than what I would see in a Michelin starred restaurant. Nutritious and delicious!

Simon and Beverley make a FAB team. A heartfelt thank you for all your support and care. I will be sad to go.                                                                                                                 

                                                                                                                           *results may vary from person to person

N. Granville-Hamshar


I am writing to thank you for looking after me with such care when I came to stay. I am still feeling beautifully chilled. I have spent the last week gathering equipment and supplies and trying out some of the recipes which my family are loving.

So I am eating better, exercising better, relaxing better and meditating better.

Your workshops were awesome Beverley. I can’t thank you enough. Thank you so much for all your attention. I learnt so much and this was easily the most luxurious thing I have ever done for myself. It was great to meet you.

T. Goring

Kent UK

What a lovely, lovely week. Am feeling so good. Your food not only looked good and tasted delicious but was healthy.

M. Rice-Davies

Hertfordshire, UK

I loved my week at The Raw Retreat. The Barn was very comfortable, warm and relaxing and supplied with everything one needed.  Beverley and Simon were very welcoming and during the week were sympathetic, supportive and encouraging. I enjoyed the food, loved the food workshops and learnt so much about health and digestion, with the additional advantage of weight-loss. Amanda, my yoga teacher and Sarah, my massage therapist were also very caring and supportive. Along with the yoga and massages, I also very much appreciated the facilities at the St Mellion Spa.

I have come away enthused and encouraged to continue with a more active and healthy approach to life.  It gave me the kick-start I needed – a wonderful way to start the year!  Thank you.

L. Moore

Sussex, UK

I arrived broken, left whole.

S Fordham


Full testimonial

I am writing this before my final weigh-in but even the interim results showed that these 12 nights have made a difference to my health.

I came here fat, emotionally wrung-out and in need of a reboot.

The Raw Retreat and notably Beverley and Simon’s care and attention has really helped. I was surprised how little hunger I felt despite a radical change of diet. The juices and smoothies were far nicer than anything green usually is. Both the yoga and massage were excellent.

All in all, a highly beneficial retreat. I would recommend The Raw Retreat to anyone feeling burned out – the personal attention to detail is second to none and I defy anyone not to feel better at the end of it.


                                                                                                              *results may vary from person to person

C. Harper


Thank you for a lovely relaxing experience. The raw food has been delicious and very well presented, I have learnt a lot about raw food preparation, particularly dehydrating food and the equipment needed. The workshops have been very useful for when I return home.

I have enjoyed the yoga classes and feel physically and mentally better as a result. I hope to continue yoga when I get home. The massages were bliss – I must say they were the best massages I have had in a long time. The blood analysis was exceptional. I have learnt so much about what is really going on inside my body and this has given me the motivation I need to really kick start a healthy lifestyle. I really enjoyed the hypnotherapy too. The accommodation is a perfect setting for relation and comfort. Beautiful décor, a home from home!

M. Frost


 We would have spent months discovering what we learnt in one week.

R Dunn

West Midlands, UK

I thoroughly enjoyed my week on The Weight Loss programme. I am leaving lighter, rejuvenated and positive of mind. As promised, I have enjoyed delicious raw food, beautifully presented, yoga, massages, hypnotherapy, daily walks – all tailored to my requirements.

This is my second raw retreat and this is the one I would recommend as I sincerely believe that both Beverley and Simon genuinely would like their guests to get the most out of their time here and they do their utmost to achieve this.

                                                                                                                     *results may vary from person to person

K. Doody

Essex, UK

 The stay was exactly what I needed and the perfect antidote to a stressful year.

L. Myers

Isle of Man, UK

My mind feels calmer, I think my skin looks smoother and I am 8 lbs lighter. Thank you.

I am happy with my week. I have achieved my weight loss target, have eaten fantastic food, been well looked after, met like-minded people and enjoyed my stay in a lovely part of Cornwall. I have made lots of notes and ideas.

                                                                                                                      *results may vary from person to person

L. Howard


Full testimonial

Hospitality was exceptional. I felt very welcomed and despite being frazzled and tired, managed to relax from the start. I enjoyed the one to one conversations, walks and the fact that I could do nothing as well – the flexibility of each day was appreciated. Other retreats are rather fixated on having a schedule which is far from relaxing.

I feel I have learned more here than elsewhere. Beverley, your knowledge of raw food and Live/Dry Blood Analysis was fantastic and you managed to explain it to a novice with ease.

Simon – I found the hypnotherapy very interesting and you really reinforced the things that I knew already but had not had time to focus on or bring to the centre of my thoughts.

I feel much better equipped now to be healthy and happy now.

Overall I look and mentally feel 100% better and I will miss it when back at home.

J. Bennett


First of all, thank you for the great care you took of me. I felt very safe and your approach is thoughtful, friendly and caring. This was the right choice for me and I am even starting to like vegetables again.

J. Viets


Staying with you felt so much different from any kind of retreat I ever did at home and on vacation. At the same time far away from everything yet so close to human kindness too good and comfortable to be real and at the same time so authentic just by the way you are! 

I still feel very gifted by the chance to encounter and get to know you.

You truly made my world bigger and gave me the confidence to keep growing myself.

Thank you.

L. Hopp


What can I say but "Thank you" for a wonderful week with you. I have learnt so much and you have looked after me so well, going above and beyond all my expectations. I feel positive and determined to carry on your good work, thanks to your inspirational influence.

N. Spencer


"I have been to The Hippocrates Institute in Florida USA and The Tree of Life in Patagonia, USA and The Raw Retreat is better than both of them, and it’s in England!"

M Flannagan


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