Coronavirus COVID-19

We take the wellbeing and safety of our guests very seriously

In light of the recent coronavirus (COVID 19) you may be reassured to know:


The Raw Retreat is in a very rural area of Cornwall surrounded by nature rather than people.


Guests at The Raw Retreat stay in private accommodation and there are no communal areas. Guests may self-isolate if they wish.


We are enhancing our already extremely stringent hygiene measures to ensure the good health of our guests and ourselves.

Since the advent of coronavirus COVID-19 we are doing things a little differently at The Raw Retreat.

A stay here is still going to transform your life from the inside out but in order to keep our guests as well as ourselves coronavirus free, we are taking some extra precautions and enhanced hygiene measures.

Also, for the foreseeable future we are offering our four retreats as follows whilst still being able to practice social distancing:

Health | Diabetes | Fertility

As massage treatments and use of St. Mellion Health Club are not possible at present, there is a price reduction on this package of £250.00 on the listed price for a single occupancy stay of 7 nights. For all other prices, please contact us for a quotation.


Otherwise the programme will be the same unless the guest chooses to self-isolate, in which case, the following changes will be made:

A pre-retreat telephone call to have a chat about the upcoming retreat and what you are hoping to achieve from your stay here.

The nutrition and lifestyle consultation with a clinical nutritionist will take place online via Skype, facetime, Zoom or by telephone.

​A bespoke yoga lesson plan created just for you with routines for 3 x one hour sessions from a complete beginner to an advanced student, tailored for you. From fitness to relaxation, from flexibility to stress relief. Full instructions for each pose to ensure correct alignment will be provided. The plans can be mixed and matched to provide an infinite variety of yoga practices depending on how you feel and what you want to achieve in the hope that you will develop a lifelong yoga practice.


A personalised Hypnotherapy or NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) or Meditation plan via mp3 so that guests may listen over and over again.

A programme of ‘how to’ raw food preparation videos will be made available for guests showing how to make everything from juices and smoothies to main courses and sweet treats as well as how to grow wheatgrass and sprouts, how to ferment foods for healthy digestion and details about the best equipment. A full recipe guide together with lifestyle advice for health recovery or weight loss (not available on The Healing Detox Programme).


Follow up telephone and/or email support.


Weight Loss

As above

Healing Detox

As above

Hard Core Alkaline Juice Fast

This programme stays the same

We realise that guests want to plan their lives but are reluctant to commit to a stay until they know for sure that they will be able to attend due to social distancing and travel restrictions.


Therefore we have made the decision to temporarily operate a no-deposit and no-payment for the stay until the day prior to arrival or until the UK Government changes its current COVID-19 procedures. We hope that this change to our policy allows guests to plan ahead to happier times when they feel they need a very much needed break.

Guests must make their own travel arrangements as transfers from stations and airports will not operate at present.

We hope to welcome past guests as well as new ones to The Raw Retreat very soon.

Health, Weight Loss and Detox Raw Food and Juice Retreats in Cornwall,UK   

We are all different. Results suggested by any of our testimonials on this page or others on this website or on links to other websites are individual and cannot be guaranteed. Health recovery, fertility and weight loss vary from guest to guest. If you have any questions about potential results of a stay at The Raw Retreat or realistic individual weight loss, please contact us.

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