Serious Weight Loss

Lose up to 1lb per day*

Get motivated to continue the weight loss upon your return home

Feel calm and lose your reliance on emotional eating and poor food choices.

Go home fitter than you ever thought possible.

                                                                                                     *results may vary from person to person

"The experience – Life-changing! I am leaving with so many tools to be a much better version of me. I arrived stressed and distressed and I am leaving relaxed, detoxed and full of energy.

Just wanted to let you know that I just tried my jeans on- perfect! I am now back to my preferred weight, I am so thrilled, thank you.

I shall NEVER allow myself to put that weight back on again. NEVER!!"

Shirley Thompson


*results may vary from person to person

"I spent a fantastic week with you. I will never forget it. 

Since I came back, my behaviours are changing slowly but surely.

It's maybe crazy for you to read this, but you have to know that I keep you with me each day of my life since my return home, kind of my British angels." 

Marie Filliette  


The Raw Retreat has empowered hundreds of our guests to achieve optimum weight and health. Our Weight Loss Programme is very different from fat farms and weight-loss boot camps. Guests are treated as individuals and we teach guests how to achieve lasting and sustained weight loss through a permanent change of lifestyle rather than a quick temporary fix.

The retreat, set amidst stunning Cornish countryside and just a short drive from the breath-taking South Coast, is an escape from ‘The Madding Crowd.’

Our weight loss programme is designed to help you lose weight, get fitter, de-stress, detox, rest, relax, nourish your body and feel great. It will empower you to make healthy diet and lifestyle choices.

If you want to kick start a healthier lifestyle or just take a break from your existing one, The Raw Retreat Weight Loss Programme can offer you exactly the time and space you need to create a new you. 

“Arrived thoroughly exhausted and stressed. Felt like my body had failed its MOT.

What a transformation in two weeks.

Am leaving fully rested, my skin is glowing, my nails have grown for the first time. I have so much energy, weight has just fallen off.”


N. Granville-Hamshar


*results may vary from person to person


During the retreat I lost 8 pounds* and have lost a further 4 pounds since returning. I am doing so much better than I was before the retreat and I continue to cling to the things I learned.

My sugar cravings are basically non-existent as well. I have also noticed that my blood sugar is normal and doesn't drop in the afternoon like it used to, causing me to crave sugar or carbs. I now make much healthier food choices. 

I. Eden


*results may vary from person to person

What's included?

Individual and totally private En Suite accommodation​

All food including daily smoothie breakfast, delicious, plant-based lunch and 2 course evening meal


2 days juice fasting​ or fruit fasting per 7 night stay. Intermittent fasting practised throughout the stay

Nutrition and lifestyle consultation with a clinical nutritionist

​3 x Full Body Massage Therapy treatments at St Mellion International Spa on  stays of 7 nights (2 x treatment on 4-6 night stays). Private transfer included

3 x one to one, private bespoke yoga lessons created just for you ​on stays of 7 nights (2 x yoga lessons on 4-6 night stays)

3 x one to one, private bespoke Personal training sessions ​on stays of 7 nights (2 xsessions on 4-6 night stays)

3 x Leisure passes to St. Mellion International Health Club which include full use of the comprehensive gym and classes. (2 x passes on 4-6 night stays)


3 x private Meditation Teaching sessions on stays of 7 nights (2 x sessions on 4-6 night stays)


3 x Spa / swim sessions at St Mellion International Health Club on  stays of 7 nights (2 x session on 4-6 night stays). Private transfer included. The spa/pools include a 25 metre pool, leisure pool, sauna, steam room and jacuzzi.

Nordic Walking tuition by a qualified instructor. Poles, walking routes and heart rate monitor provided

1 x Raw Food Preparation, Health and Nutrition Workshop in the dedicated Raw and Living Foods kitchen on stays of 7 nights

1 x trip to the stunning Cornish Coast with private transfer on stays of 7 nights


Access to a vast library of live-streamed health documentaries on health, fitness, diet, weight loss and more, along with yoga, meditation and recipes. Ipad for your use only provided.


“I am writing this before my final weigh-in but even the interim results showed that these 12 nights have made a difference to my health.

I came here fat, emotionally wrung-out and in need of a reboot.

The Raw Retreat and notably Beverley and Simon’s care and attention has really helped. I was surprised how little hunger I felt despite a radical change of diet. The juices and smoothies were far nicer than anything green usually is."

C Harper


“It’s an excellent place to learn about raw food, lose weight and relax.


Both Simon and Beverley go above and beyond to make sure you have an amazing holiday.”

D and M Smotrich

California USA


These statistics have been recorded from the results of guests on The Weight-Loss Programme staying for 7 nights; however, please be aware that results may vary on an individual basis.

Generally - 

Men lose more weight than women.

Guests who are willing and able to take exercise lose weight more effectively.

Guests who are overweight (BMI over 25) lose more than those guests who have a healthy weight (BMI 18.5 – 25.)

Guests who have dieted many times before find losing weight more difficult.

Certain medical conditions such as diabetes or PCOS make losing weight more difficult.

Guests on certain medications find losing weight more difficult.

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